WHERE ON EARTH ARE WE GOING? is an essential book from the internationally-renowned, environmental leader, who uniquely stradles the conflicting worlds of business and the environment. Throughtful, anecdotal and riveting, this is Maurice Strong view as an insider.

With nothing less than the world at his stage, and head of state, captains of industry, and envornmental champions as his players, he presents a hard-headed, balanced analysis of the future, a call to action in a world where a barrel of water promises to be more expensive than a barrel of oil, and explains how he came by his beliefs.


Seymour Topping, Professor of International Journalism, Columbia University, and former managing editor of The New York Times: " A convincing call to action, based on stirring lifelong experience, that should command the attention of people everywhere."

John Ralston Saul: "Maurice Strong has been leading the race for innovation -- whether it be in the environment, North South relations or public administration -- for so long that most people have given up wondering how he finds the energy, the time, and the endless stream of ideas. This is both a very personal story and yet a story about all of us and our world."

Paul Martin: "What begins as collection of somewhat quixotic journeys through the worlds of business and international affairs eventually reveals itself to be a well-elaborated plan for much needed reform of our international institutions. Strong's political acumen, his experience, and his genuine concern for the human community made him well qualified to propose -- and achieve -- these reforms."

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