A new paradigm of cooperative global governance which motivates and mobilises the skills and resources of civil society, is the only feasible basis on which we can manage basic risks to society and realise the immense potential for progress and peace for the entire human family which is within our reach.

Emissions trading have enabled substantial reductions in sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions to be effected on a cost-effective basis.


The new global civilization is one rooted primarily in materialism and in the commercialization of more and more aspects of human activity.


We can regret, but cannot recover the time we have lost in responding to the prospects of climate change, which we now realize constitutes one of the principal threats to the human future.

Leisure in its larger context as one of the most powerful drivers of China's future, both in terms of the expanding opportunities it provides to individual Chinese and to the economy of every part of China.


Sustainable development requires a positive, systemic balance between the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of the development process.  This is not just a policy option, but an absolute necessity

We must change that mind-set and see environment and sustainable development as opening up promising new areas of economic opportunity, opportunities for technological and institutional innovation and for the development of an environmental services industry.