This section contains articles and interviews by Maurice Strong in the news media.

The future is in our hands, We have the ability to control our own destiny - and the responsibility to manage it. The time frame in which we must act is very short. The future is ours to make and our children's to inherit. And the Earth is our future.

In this interview with World Environment, the magazine of World  Wildlife Fund (China) Maurice Strong speaks about the process to move globalize the environmental movement.

Radical measures are imperative if we are to secure the habitability of our planet and the conditions that support life as we know it. This will require a major shift in the mind-set of people and the priorities of governments.

The personalmoneystore.com website in an article comments that "Maurice Strong has devoted his life to spreading an environmental message around the world for nearly 40 years. Now, he’s finally being noticed, thanks to entertainer Glenn Beck......Maurice Strong became one of the hottest internet search terms...... Beck believers found plenty of fodder to support the kernel of hokum planted in their minds. But it’s doubtful Beck’s minions bothered to check mauricestrong.net, which explains the truth behind the comments Beck and many of his ilk have distorted. You can bet they avoided the post on mediamatters.com debunking Beck’s phony analysis as well."