This section contains articles and interviews by Maurice Strong in the news media.

What impressed me most was the indomitable spirit of these people despite all of their sufferings, displacement from their homes, loss of loved ones and possessions and their determination to survive and rebuild their lives.

Maurice Strong responds to a few recent media articles. He points out that it it is useful to put on record for those who may be interested, the facts which have been the subject of misinformation, misinterpretation and outright lying by his critics.

The good news about Copenhagen is that it produced universal agreement on the importance of early action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to manageable levels. The bad news is that it revealed deep and unresolved differences between the positions of the main parties, notably between the more developed and the less developed countries.

Writing in the World Policy Journal, Maurice Strong warns that the accelerating damage to the Earth’s natural capital will have even more devastating consequences for the human future than the current financial and economic crises. To obtain the full article, please go to the World Policy Journal, published by the World Policy Institute: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1162/wopj.2009.26.2.25

Throughout human history, civilizations have risen and fallen, often due to mismanagement of their environment.  In an interview, Maurice Strong says that the climate change crisis is fundamentally different and affects the survival and sustainability of all people. To read the full interview, please go to MaximsNews Network: http://www.maximsnews.com/news20091013mauricestronginterview10910130801.htm