This section contains articles and interviews by Maurice Strong in the news media.

We must work to ensure the climate security that is essential to our survival as well as the sustainability and progress to which we aspire.  Time is clearly running out and we cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

A 'fortress North' mentality would be a dangerous and self-defeating illusion. The rich and privileged cannot insulate themselves from these emerging dilemmas, but must take the lead in finding new ways of dealing with them.

Inertia is as powerful a force in human affairs as it is in the physical world. And the shift in inertia required to move us on to a pathway to a sustainable future has not yet occurred. The longer it takes, the harder it will be to do so in time.

During 2003, Maurice Strong was appointed as the UN's special envoy to North Korea. He talked to the Canadian magazine, Maclean's, about the breakdown of trust.

Reform of the United Nations – enhancing its relevance and effectiveness for the world’s people in the 21st Century – is a priority concern of the Member States. World leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a strengthened United Nations.