This section contains articles and interviews by Maurice Strong in the news media.

The Task Force of the United Nations on new information technologies and communication received strong support from  Maurice Strong.


The indigenous people are the guardians of the fragile ecosystems that are vital to the wellbeing of the planet.

Online partnerships have great potential to narrow the information and communication gap that impedes access of the world’s poor to knowledge, funding, technology, partnerships and other development drivers. How can we strengthen ICT as a force for bring- ing people together and as a vehicle of development, rather than one that further divides people into ICT haves and have-nots? An paper, written by Amir Dossai, Executive Director, United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, expresses thanks to Maurice Strong, among others, for help in developing the article.
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Maurice Strong at a press conference on 8 April 2003 on the situation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK): "Peace is necessary here...it's unthinkable, it would be horrendous for this to escalate into conflict," he added. "I'm satisfied that none of the parties want this, but all are prepared for it."

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From the archives. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, dated 18 August 1961, Maurice Strong talks about the importance of the work of YMCA and his trip to Africa.