Greening of tourism must be much more than applying a green veneer over underlining activities which are far from green. The greening must occur at every level of the travelism system. It has to be the heart and core of the industry which must take the lead in this. But it must be supported in and incentivized by much more enlightened and effective government policies and practices. This means that the green growth lobby must become much more active and influential than those who lobby for less restrictive measures.

This Expo is an impressive manifestation of the innovative design, concepts, materials and construction techniques which will be the key to successful eco-cities.

It is in the cities that the expertise, the entrepreneurial capacities, the institutions and the leadership that have made modern civilization the most creative and wealthiest ever are concentrated. It is the people of the cities who must cooperate fully to ensure that the benefits of city life are available to all.

The biggest challenge to China is to accept the responsibilities of leadership in achieving this success for the sake of its own people and the larger world community of which it is an integral and leading part.

New carbon funds are proliferating and there are few investment banks or financial institutions that are not moving into the field.

We are facing unprecedented risks to the very survival of life on Earth as we know it, but pessimism would be self-fulfilling. We must continue to be motivated by our hopes and be guided in our actions by our growing capacity to respond to these ominous risks.

The global culture is a material culture which does not yet have a driving moral force.