This section contains articles and interviews by Maurice Strong in the news media.

We are still far from defining the pathway to an energy future that will be sustainable in both economic and environmental terms. One step in the right direction is for energy prices to reflect the full price of producing energy, much of which consists of externalities -- costs not captured by the energy markets because they are not incurred by market participants.

Encourage China, who regard crises and creating opportunities, to invest in the Big Three, to ensure their survival through the use of Chinese components. The U.S. companies would have their established positions in the China market secured.


Communicating the practical manifestations of sustainable development will contribute to crossing the traditional barriers and dichotomies between "North" and "South" and creating a sense of global community.

China has raised more people out of poverty than any nation has ever done, and it is deeply committed to its objective of ensuring that those who have been left behind are able to participate in the benefits of its dynamic economy.

To make sustainable development work, we must clarify our understanding of what it requires, and how it can be integrated into public policy and private decisions at every level, from local to global.